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Dr. Julia Kamenetsky, Psy.D.

Clinical Counselor
Counseling Center

Browne Hall (Suite 100)​
(401) 456-8094​

Senior Staff, Clinical Counselor

Dr. Julia Kamenetsky is a Clinical Counselor and Senior Staff member at RIC’s Counseling Center. Having worked at four other college/university counseling centers, Julia has a great fondness for working with college students due to this being a time when students – regardless of their age – intensely grapple with various personal identities and ways of engaging with the world. Julia’s personal and professional identification with the LGBTQ+ community has led her to have run an Intensive Outpatient Program specific for the community back in Chicago, and to have started a group for the LGBTQ+​ community at our Counseling Center.

Being an immigrant herself, Julia has always been captivated by how our roots inform who we are. She is passionate about working with students who come from diverse cultures; various ethnic and racial backgrounds; and different gender, sexual, class, and age identities. She gravitates to examining the intersection of different identities, and the shaping of identity by one’s family, and by social constructs. She strongly believes that because emotional wounding happens in the context of relationships with others, a therapeutic relationship that is based on trust and authenticity is the vehicle for mending these wounds and creating change. In clinical work with Julia, a focus will often be on the exploration of symbolic meaning behind trends in one’s life and one’s behaviors, as well as on the interconnectedness between one’s past and present. Beyond clinical work, Julia also enjoys collaborating with colleagues form different departments and disciplines, especially during her work on the presidential committee called Dialogues on Diversity. Julia also greatly enjoys training and mentoring students who come from other graduate programs to RIC in order to hone in on their clinical skills. ​​​


Page last updated: September 18, 2018