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Elizabeth Holtzman

Adams Library (AL) 119
(401) 456-8051

Academic Background

Ph.D. 2000 University of Texas-Austin Educational Psychology-School Psychology
Internship 1999-2000 Houston Independent School District Psychological Services in the Schools
BA 1992 Colgate University Philosophy, Psychology

Courses Taught

CEP 150 Topics
CEP 315 Educational Psychology
CEP 531 Human Development Across Cultures
CEP 537 Group Counseling
CEP 552 Psychological Perspectives of Learning and Teaching
CEP 605 Practicum in School Psychology
CEP 602 Social and Emotional Assessment
CEP 603 Professional School Psychology

Teaching Collaborations

Interdisciplinary School Leadership Development Seminar

3 session inter departmental series---School culture is, in part, comprised of the beliefs shared by education professionals, including principals, school counselors and school psychologists. This series examines beliefs of pre-service graduate students in Counseling, Educational Leadership and School Psychology regarding the roles and functions of each specific discipline in addressing challenging student behavior. This process will utilize “crucial conservations” (Patterson, Grenny, McMillan & Switzler, 2002) to unpack underlying assumptions of school discipline systems and their responsiveness to students with different emotional and behavioral needs. The impact of interdisciplinary collaboration on graduate student development will be examined through theoretical discussion, experiential learning and case based training. 

Research Interests

Role of leadership in systems change: Focus on RTI and Professional Learning Communities

Co-Principal Investigator (with Andrew Snyder, RIC) of a 3-year Title II grant, a partnership with RIHOE and Central Falls, “An Integrated Model of Professional Development.” Through cooperative work with the Rhode Island Association of School Principals, the grant seeks to develop professional learning communities whose members are highly knowledgeable and able to use assessment and RTI to guide quality instruction that positively and directly impacts achievement in literacy and mathematics.

Addressing anxiety in the schools

This project is a collaboration with a 3rd grade teacher at Henry Barnard School, Ms. Barbra Ondis and the Guidance Counselor, Ms. Janet Fraatz is continuing. This project addresses anxiety in students in a 3rd grade classroom. Consistent with best practice in mental health service delivery in the schools, a three tier RTI (Response to Intervention) framework guides curriculum and intervention choices supported by data. A unique aspect of this project is the integration of research based work on relaxation techniques with promising development of new curriculum using yoga to reduce stress. This is supplemented with evidence based cognitive behavioral interventions addressing anxiety for those individuals identified as at risk. 

Feinstein School Faculty-Student Collaboration Grant received by Elizabeth Gibbons Holtzman, Gretchen Conn, Barbra Ondis and Janet Fraatz. January, 2009

Holtzman, E. (March, 2010). From yoga to group counseling: Addressing one classroom’s anxiety needs. Paper to be presented at National Association of School Psychologist Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.

Holtzman, E., Ondis B. & Fraatz, J. (November, 2009). From yoga to group counseling: Differentiating to combat anxiety and promote positive coping with everyday stress in the classroom. Presented at Promising Practice Conference, 12th Annual Multicultural Conference and Annual Research Fair.

Teen dating violence

Kalina Brabeck (CEP Department, RIC)and I are collaborating on a project with a group of amazing graduate students to promote pre-service teacher candidates’ awareness of dating violence and increase self efficacy in how to recognize early warning signs and respond within own community of practice. This project is linked to a strong community effort to promote quality training related to this important topic consistent with recent RI legislation (Lindsey Anne Burke Act) requiring that all middle and high school students, teachers and administrators be educated in the area of dating violence prevention. 

Holtzman, E., Lebeouf, L, & Piccirillo, A. (March, 2010). Education professionals and teen dating violence: Roles, responsibility and opportunity. Paper to be presented at National Association of School Psychologist Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.

Brabeck, K.M. Gibbons-Holtzman, E., Metro, S., Leboef, L., & Piccirillo A. (February, 2010). Education professionals and teen dating violence: Roles, responsibility and opportunity. Poster accepted to the National Summit on Interpersonal Violence and Abuse across the Lifespan. Dallas, TX.

Holtzman, E. G.& Piccirillo, A. (April, 2009). Promoting RI Teacher Candidate Knowledge and Self Efficacy to Respond to Adolescent Dating Violence. Paper presented at National Association of School Psychologist Annual Convention, Boston, MA.

Piccirillo, A., Lebeouf, L., Metro, S., Holtzman, E. & Brabeck, K. (May, 2009). Increasing Pre‐Service Teachers’ Self‐Efficacy to Respond to Teen Dating Violence. Presentation at the Rhode Island College Student Convocation of Scholars. Providence, RI.

Community Involvement

Advisory Board, Mount Pleasant Teacher Academy

Board member, Rhode Island School Psychology Association

RI School Psychology Leadership Coalition

Professional Experience

Licensed Psychologist (2000-present) Clinical interests include child, adolescent and family counseling for emotional and social challenges; supporting individuals with Asperger’s Disorder be successful throughout their school journey and beyond; teacher stress and school crisis.

Consultant (2000-present) Provide professional development training and support to schools, professional groups and organizations concerning topics related to social and emotional functioning at individual, classroom and system levels.

Teach for America (1992-1994)​​

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