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Field Experiences

Field experiences include both practica and internship and are an integral part of the training of future school psychologists. They provide opportunities for students to practice and master skills consistent within the reflective practitioner model of FSEHD's Conceptual Framework and NASP's 11 domains of school psychology training and practice. The goals and objectives of field experiences include training and practice in:

  • roles and functions of school psychologists;
  • public school organization and operation;
  • human diversity and multicultural issues;
  • assessment of children's needs and eligibility for special education;
  • interpretation of assessment results to families and other members of school-based multidisciplinary teams;
  • communication and consultation skills to engage in team work efforts;
  • direct counseling intervention methods;
  • indirect intervention methods;
  • collaborative consultation with families and professionals;
  • prevention and crisis intervention;
  • research and program evaluation;
  • ethical, legal, and cultural aspects of school psychology;
  • effective utilization of community resources;
  • use of emergent technologies; and
  • professional growth through in-service training, observation, and study.

Students involved in both types of field experiences will have appropriately certified field supervisors and a college-based faculty overseeing their experiences. The Program affords students with a contact pool of over 60 practicing school psychologists in the United States (i.e., Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island).

During Year 2 a full-year practicum experience (CEP 605) is completed by all program candidates. A minimum of 400, pre-internship hours must be completed by candidates, as they conduct supervised, school-based activities appropriate for their level of training. Year 2 candidates attend weekly seminars where field-based experiences are integrated with best practices in school psychology. Year 3 consists of a 1200-hour, full-year internship experience. Interns are required to attend a weekly professional issues seminar (CEP 629) taught by a RIC faculty member.​

Page last updated: July 07, 2017