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Diversity at RIC


Rhode Island College recognizes the essential role diversity plays in an educational exchange, informed by cultural inquiry and designed to stimulate critical and creative thinking. The college seeks to reach, attract, and retain students, faculty, and staff from our state, region and beyond by creating an inclusive, respectful environment that dispels stereotypes, discrimination, and intolerance. Differences inspire intellectual debate and innovation. Rhode Island College students enrich our community on and off campus with their varied learning styles, lifestyles, interests, circumstances, and identities. The college’s numerous disciplines and support services connect our students with their diverse scholastic, personal, social, and vocational needs. Our faculty, staff, and administration are committed to making students’ learning and graduation a priority, confident that RIC graduates make a positive contribution to the world’s changing economies and cultures.

Promising Practices thumbnail

Promising Practices

This annual multicultural and curriculum resource fair offers a wide variety of resources for educators serving an increasingly diverse student population: race, ethnicity, language, class, gender and ability.

The Unity Center thumbnail

The Unity Center

The Unity Center is Rhode Island College's multicultural center. It promotes opportunities for exploring human dignity, social identity, and cultural equity.

Dialogue on Diversity Committee thumbnail

Dialogue on Diversity Committee

Committed to promoting an understanding and appreciation of the differing backgrounds and beliefs of individuals in the college community as well as the larger community of which it is a part.

Disability Services Center thumbnail

Disability Services Center

Disability Services serves students with all types of disabilities: mobility, hearing, vision, motor, psychological, learning (including attention disorders), speech, chronic disease, and other conditions.

The Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities thumbnail

The Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities

The Sherlock Center's mission is to support community membership of individuals with disabilities in school, work, and society.

Women's Center thumbnail

Women's Center

Provide peer counseling, a lending library with books on women's issues, sale of feminine sanitary supplies and condoms, information on workshops and in-state seminars, and other resources.

Interfaith Center thumbnail

Interfaith Center

We endeavor to provide for the Spiritual needs of all members of the RIC community - regardless of Religious History/Affiliation, Cultural background, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or any other factor.

Study Abroad at RIC thumbnail

Study Abroad at RIC

RI College students, no matter what their major, may study abroad with a large number of programs, most of which are not run directly through the college.

International Student Services thumbnail

International Student Services

Find answers to questions about U.S. government forms, the process of entering and leaving the country, employment requests, Practical Training, financial needs, taxes, health, housing, academic and personal problems.

HOPE (Helping Others Promote Equality) thumbnail

HOPE (Helping Others Promote Equality)

The goal of this organization is to help those of different sexual orientations (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer) be comfortable with who they are in the light of college life.​​

Page last updated: August 15, 2017