Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, Mathematics Major program are advised to consult the following link: Adobe PDFBecoming a Secondary Mathematics Teacher at Rhode Island College: A Guide through the Process.

Along with completing required courses in secondary education, students electing a major in mathematics must complete the following courses with a minimum grade point average of 2.75:

  • CSCI 157
  • MATH 212, 213, 240, 300, 314, 315, 324, 431, 432, 441, 458
  • PHYS 200
(Total Credit Hours: 51)

Note: To enroll in SED 411 and 412, students must have completed the calculus sequence: MATH 212, 213, 314; in addition to MATH 240, 300, 315, 324; and at least concurrent enrollment in MATH 432. Prior to enrollment in SED 421 and 422, students must have completed all requirements in the mathematics major.

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Page last updated: August 13, 2013