B.S. in Technology Education

To apply, please follow the Feinstein School admission requirements and program-specific requirements provided by the program coordinator below

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 in all technology education courses.

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
TECH 200Introduction to Technological Systems and Processes3
TECH 202Design Processes3
TECH 204Energy and Control Systems3
TECH 216Computer-Aided Design3
TECH 300Orientation to Technology Education4
TECH 306Automation and Control Processes3
TECH 326Communication Systems3
TECH 327Construction Systems3
TECH 328Manufacturing Systems3
TECH 329Transportation Systems3

Professional Courses

CEP 315Educational Psychology3
FNED 346Schooling in a Democratic Society4
SPED 433Adaptation of Instruction for Inclusive Education3
TECH 406Methods in Technology Education4
TECH 407Practicum in Elementary Technology Education (Grades K through Six)4
TECH 408Practicum in Technology Education (Grades Seven through Twelve)4
TECH 421Student Teaching in Technology Education10
TECH 422Student Teaching Seminar in Technology Education2


CHEM 103General Chemistry I4
MATH 139Contemporary Topics in Mathematics4
MATH 181Applied Basic Mathematics (*)3
PSCI 103Physical Science4

NOTE:Students enrolled at the Community College of Rhode Island must take both MATH 1700 and 1710 to receive credit for MATH 181. Students enrolled at Rhode Island College must take both MATH 139 and 181 at Rhode Island College for credit. Students may not take one mathematics course at one institution and the other mathematics course at the other institution.

Total Credit Hours



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