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Middle Grades Certification

Undergraduate - Graduate


Middle Grades teaching for undergraduate students in Rhode Island requires an endorsement that is attached to an elementary or secondary certificate.

The state requirements consist of two parts:  middle grades professional education courses and appropriate content preparation for field of instruction.  The four professional education courses should be taken in the following order:

MLED 310, MLED 320, MLED 330 and MLED 340

Professional Courses

MLED 310:  Teaching the Early Adolescent.  Three credits.
This course addresses the physical, psychological, social and the educational implications of these needs for teaching and learning practices in middle school.  Recent brain research is also shared.  Students will also spend some time examining their own development and what supportive forces helped them through this challenging period.  Each is required to spend a day shadowing a middle level student.

MLED 320:  Middle School Organization and Integrated Curriculum.  Three credits.
The focus of this course is on the design, development and evaluation of a standards-driven, integrated curriculum and instructional unit as building and sustaining strategies are modeled and practiced in this class.  As part of their field-based component, students spend time over the semester with an effective middle level team.  The emergence and development of the middle school in the United States is also examined.

MLED 330:  Interdisciplinary Reading and Writing in Middle Schools.  Three Credits.
This course is designed to facilitate the development of interdisciplinary goals of middle school curricula by collaborative teams.  Technology and literacy processes are modeled and used to promote multiple modes of instruction within and across disciplines.  On-site practicum experiences are required and will be coordinated by the instructor for the course.  Practicum experiences will take place with classroom teachers in the student’s content area.

MLED 340:  Differentiated Elements in Middle School Instruction. Three Credits.
This course addresses critical strategies for differentiated instruction necessary for mixed ability classrooms commonly found within the middle school.  Pre-service teachers will focus on methods of purposefully selecting strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners and the relationship between assessments and planning for instruction in the differentiated classroom.

Student Teaching

Because the required practicum hours are completed throughout the MLED coursework, students complete their student teaching in an elementary school (Grades 1-6) or secondary school (Grade 7-12) depending on which certification they are seeking.


The content preparation is based on a state-established minimum of 30 hours distributed by topic in a subject taught in middle schools (English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, or Foreign Language).


C.G.S in Middle Grades Certification

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Middle Grades Certification, which meets RIDE Middle Grades Certification, is a 13 credit program designed to provide advanced graduate study and practicum training for students with an undergraduate degree and either elementary or secondary teaching certificate and who are seeking preparation to become middle-level teachers. Click here for more information.​

Page last updated: September 19, 2017