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Adrienne C. Goss

photo of Adrienne C. Goss Henry Barnard School (HBS) 217-6
(401) 456-9070

Academic Background

Ph.D. – Georgia State University

Research Interests​

Education policy
Parent and community organizing​

Selected Publications​

Goss, A. C. (2017). Power to engage, power to resist: A structuration analysis of barriers to parental involvement. Education and Urban Society, 51(5), 595-612.

Goss, A. (2017). A simple, revolutionary idea. Currere Exchange Journal, 1(2), 58-65.

Goss, A. C. (2015). Toward a village consciousness: Organizing in the African American cultural tradition. Journal of Black Studies, 46(8), 797-816.

King, J. E., Goss, A. C., and McArthur, S. (2014). Recovering history and the “Parent Piece” for cultural well-being and belonging. In J. E. King & E. Swartz (Eds.), Re-Membering History in Student and Teacher Learning: An Afrocentric Culturally-Informed-Praxis. New York: Routledge.

Goss, A. C. (2013). Five vignettes: Stories of teacher advocacy and parental involvement. The Qualitative Report, 18, 1-18.

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