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Middle School Endorsement

The endorsement program in middle school education is for students who wish to teach in a middle school. Students seeking middle school endorsement must be enrolled in an elementary education program and a content major that offer eligibility for certification.

Course Requirements for Middle School Endorsement

Complete sections I, II, and III below.

Section I

Middle Level Education 310, 320, and 330, a student teaching experience at a middle school.

Section II

Select a content major from the following list: English, French, general science, mathematics, social studies, Spanish.

Section III

Complete three courses in a discipline different from your content major. Choose category A, B, C, D, E, or F:

Category A - English

English 201, 212 (or Secondary Education 444); Secondary Education 445
Total Credit Hours: 10

Category B - French

French 201, 202, 330
Total Credit Hours: 11

Category C - Mathematics

Mathematics 209 (or 212 or 247), 240, 324 (or 409 or 431)
Total Credit Hours: 911

Category D - Science

Biology 101; Chemistry 103; Physical Science 212
Total Credit Hours: 12

Category E - Social Studies

Geography 400; History 201, 202
Total Credit Hours: 9

Category F - Spanish

Spanish 201, 202, 310 (or 311 or 312 or 313)
Total Credit Hours: 11

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