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Thanks for visiting the English Department's Internship information webpage. Internships are critical opportunities for English majors to gain real-world experience and test the waters of professional work before graduating. We're glad you're here!

Below you'll find answers to some of the questions you likely have about internships. Please take a moment to read the information carefully and watch some of our testimonial videos. Then reach out to us when you’re ready to begin the process.

1. When are internships offered?

Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions.

2. When should I begin searching for an internship?

You need to begin searching for an internship the semester BEFORE you plan to intern.

3. What kinds of organizations do students intern at?

RIC students have interned at four different types of organizations:

  • Issue-Focused Non-Profit Organizations (e.g. United Way of Rhode Island, Save the Bay)
  • Cultural Institutions (e.g. The Museum of Work and Culture, The RI Historical Society)
  • Writing/Communications-Based Organizations (e.g. Providence Media, Rhode Island Monthly)
  • Political Organizations (e.g. RI General Assembly, Office of Senator Jack Reed)

4. How do I find an internship?

A. Consult the List of Organizations at Which RIC Students Have Already Interned: Skim Outside Linkthis document to view a list of the various locations at which RIC students have interned over the past several years (note: there are multiple “pages” within this worksheet--click the tabs at the bottom to see where interns have worked during different academic years).

B. Search for Internships in Your Local Area: is a website that connects Rhode Island employers with potential interns. Search their website for opportunities of interest to you.

C. Customize An Internship Around Your Interests: Think about your passions and interests and the kinds of issues that matter to you. Make a short list and then reach out to us for help identifying an internship that aligns with your interests.

5. What are the requirements of the internship?

English majors and Rhetoric and Writing minors who complete internships must work 16 hours per week during fall/spring terms (12-14 hours per week onsite, at their internship, and an additional 2-4 hours per week online, in coursework) and 18 hours per week during the two six-week summer terms (14-16 hours per week onsite, at their internship, and an additional 2-4 hours per week online, in coursework). The coursework portion of the internship includes weekly readings, journal entries, and mid-term and end-of-term reports. Most semesters, ENGL 477 does NOT meet face-to-face. All coursework is conducted online.

6. What have been RIC interns’ experiences been like?

Watch the testimonial videos below!

Stephanie John
Katelynn Grenier
Tayla Cardillo

7. How do I get the process started?

Please take a moment to fill out the internship form​ to provide us with more information about your interests.​​

Page last updated: November 01, 2017