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Joseph Zornado

Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 167​
(401) 456-8656
(401) 456-8028

Academic Background

B.A., M.A. San Diego State University;
Ph.D. University of Connecticut

Joseph Zornado came to Rhode Island College in 1995. He taught Children’s Literature, a variety of courses on American Literature, developed a course called Zen and the Literary Experience, and studied issues in teaching and learning. He published essays on Flannery O’Connor, The Wizard of Oz among many other essays and articles. His first book which came out in 2001 from Routledge entitled: Inventing the Child: Culture, Ideology, and the Story of Childhood. From 2002 until 2014 he focused on a large project researching, teaching and writing about Speculative Fiction. In 2002 he began the first volume of a Speculative Fiction trilogy entitled 2050: A Future History. Volume One: Gods of Little Earth was published in 2007 by Speculative Fiction Review. In 2009 Volume One and Volume Two: The Power at the Bottom of the World were published by Iron Diesel Press. In 2014-15 Volume One, Two, and Three: When Immortals Reign will be published by Merry Blacksmith Press. He also co-authored a textbook on the teaching of writing, called Professional Writing for Social Work Practice (2012) published by Springer Publishing.

His current teaching interests include American Literature, Children’s Culture, especially Disney and the animated feature film, Literary Theory, Zen and the Literary Experience. He is developing a course in Environmental Studies, literature, and Eccocriticism. He says his favorite courses are the ones that help students rediscover their own curiosity. To help foster the process of learning he teaches writing in all of his courses because he says writing is the most effective way to develop the habits of mind practiced by educated people.

For fun he likes to golf, swim, run, walk, bicycle, chop wood, clean house, shovel snow, mow the yard, play the ukulele, write, read, and talk. He cooks. He cleans. He’s a new world man.

Courses Taught

First Year Seminar: Mickey Mouse Monopoly
First Year Writing: Honors
ENGL 120 Studies in Literature and Identity: Kith and Kin
ENGLISH 201: Introduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 202- Literary Studies: Theory and Criticism
ENGL 207 American Literature, Beginnings to the Present
ENGLISH 210: Children’s Literature
ENGLISH 263: Zen and the Literary Experience
ENGLISH 301: Reading America to the Civil War
ENGLISH 302: Nineteenth-Century American Literature
ENGL 328: Modern American Fiction
ENGLISH 329: Contemporary American Fiction
ENGLISH 350: Disney
ENGLISH 350: J.R.R. Tolkien
ENGL 460: Disney
ENGLISH 460: Inventing the Future in Fiction and Film
ENGL 521: Cultural Studies and Childhood


Selected Books

2050 Volume Three: When Immortals Reign. Forthcoming
Merry Blacksmith Press. Spring, 2015

2050 Volume Two: The Power at the Bottom of the World.
Providence: Iron Diesel Press, Isbn: 978-0-9831252-3-5.

2050 Volume One: Gods of Little Earth. Iron Diesel Press.

Inventing the Child: Culture, Ideology and the Story of Childhood. New York:
Routledge. Hardback, 2001. Paperback 2006. Korean Translation, Spring 2011.

Selected Articles

“Children’s Film as Social Practice.” Comparative Literature and Culture on the
Purdue University. September 2008.

“A Becoming Habit: Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction of Unknowing.” Twentieth-
Century Literary Criticism.
Vol. 132. New York: The Gale Group. Spring, 2003.

“A Poetics of History: Karen Cushman’s Medieval World.” Children’s
Literature Review.
Vol. 55. New York: The Gale Group. 1999.

“Free Play: Christian Hierarchies, the Child and a Negative Way.”
and Literature. Vol. 47. Number 2, 1998.

“Swaddling the Child in Children’s Literature.” Children’s Literature Association
Vol. 22, Number 3. 1997. 26-37.

“A Becoming Habit: Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction of Unknowing.” Religion and
Vol. 29, number 2. 1997. 27-59.

“A Poetics of History: Karen Cushman’s Medieval World.” The Lion and the
Vol. 21, number 2. 1997. 251-66.

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