Daniel Scott

Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 263
(401) 456-8679
(401) 456-8028

Academic Background

B.A. Georgia State University;
M.A., Ph.D. University of Illinois

Courses Taught

AFAM 200 Perspectives Afr/Afr-Amer Cultures
AFAM 410 Seminar-Comparative Race Relations
ENGL 150 Topics
ENGL 161 Western Literature
ENGL 163 Intro To Non Western Cultures
ENGL 326 Studies in Afro-American Literature
ENGL 336 Non-Western Literatures
ENGL 390 Directed Study
ENGL 523 Topics-Ethnic Am/Afr Amer Literature
ENGL 524 Topics In Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 591 Directed Reading
HONR 161 Seminar in Western Literature
HONR 163 Seminar in Non-Western Cultures


Postcolonial Studies, African American Literature, Queer Studies

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