Kids Japan - a delightful introduction. Another 'mege' site that also has a kids component.
Japan National Tourist Organiza-tion has created the site for anyone who wants to visit Japan. Tokyo Meltdown is the place to go to find out about food in Japan as well as restaurant reviews.
Asahi Shimbun is Japan's largest daily newspaper - 8MM+ circ. Its news digest is in English. Japan Information Network's site, a near-exhaustive collection of information.
The Stanford University Japan page is one of the best US academic sites on Japan. The Daiwa Foundation's site for Anglo-Japan relations is a comprehensive one.
The Prime Minister's Office also provides links to all the English-language government sites. Schauwecker's Guide to Japan is a place where one could easily spend hours exploring the encyclopedic collection of information.
Jim Breen's site from Australia has valuable information on language and computers. This is a site devoted to information about home schooling in Japan.