Dr. Kate Sanders

      Contact Information:
      Mathematics and Computer Science
      Rhode Island College
      600 Mount Pleasant Avenue
      Providence, RI 02908
      Email: ksanders at ric.edu

      Academic Background:
      A.B., Greek & Latin literature and English literature, Brown University
      J.D., Harvard University
      Sc.M., computer science, Brown University
      Ph.D., computer science, Brown University

      Courses Taught:
      CS 101 Introduction to Computers
      CS 201 Programming I
CS 315 Information Structures (aka "Data Structures")
      CS 325 Programming Language Design
      CS 401 Software Engineering
      CS 427 Artificial Intelligence
      CS 450 Interaction Design
      CS 450 Programming and Art
      CS 450 Software Testing (team-taught with Marc Rene)
      CS 455 Introduction to Database Systems
      CS 490 Honors Projects in Computer Science
                * Jason Rindge: Pushing the Limits of Online Maps: breadth-first search with Flash (2003)
                * Sara Czyzewicz: Mobile Moods: regulating emotions through color theory on mobile devices (2005)
                * Michael Mota: Inter Spem et Metum Fiat Lux(2010)
                * Stephen Tetreault: Computer-Supported Music Analysis: extracting exact repeating patterns(2011)

      Coll 101 The College Experience (for science, computing, and math majors)
      Math 139 Contemporary Topics in Mathematics
      Math 181 Applied Basic Mathematics
      Math 200 Finite Mathematics for Computer Science
      Math 238 Quantitative Business Analysis II

      Research Interests:
      Computer science education
      Artificial intelligence and law
      Case-based reasoning

      Links to selected papers available here

      Recent Grants:

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