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A Radical Approach To Teaching Object-Oriented Programming
(NSF DUE 0410546)



The goals of this two-year project are:

  1. to take a particular approach to teaching object-oriented programming used in Brown University's CS015
  2. to adapt the programming assignments and slides incorporating this approach and develop new materials (including in-class labs)
  3. to pilot-test and evaluate these materials at Rhode Island College

Our approach to teaching object-oriented programming is distinguished by its strong emphasis on object-oriented design, in particular the very early presentation of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism, and the introduction of design patterns with examples that can be understood and used in the introductory course. In addition, all examples and programs are graphical from the very beginning.

Principal Investigators
- Dr. Kate Sanders
- Dr. Ann Moskol
- Dr. Brenda Jochums Slez
Emerita Professor of Education, U.Mass. Lowell
Undergraduate Teaching Assistants:
- Erik Holder '06
- Emily Perron '06
- Charles Berube '07
- Justin Port '08