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Cover image, Student Activism and Curricular Change in Higher Education, by Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur, Asghate Student Activism and Curricular Change in Higher Education, February 2011, Ashgate. For more information, see the Ashgate book profile or order on Amazon.
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Social Change, from the multi-volume set Student Handbook to Sociology edited by Liz Grauerholz, May 2012, Facts on File. For more information, see the book profile.Cover Image, Social Change, by Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur

Other Selected Works

*"How Higher Education Shapes The Workforce: A Study of Rhode Island College Graduates." (with Francis Leazes, Jr.). TheCollaborative Research Brief.

*"Mapping the Network of North American Colleges and Universities: A New Approach to Empirically Derived Classifications." In Berman and Paradeise, The University Under Pressure: Research in the Sociology of Organizations, V. 46. Abstract available. For earlier work on this project, click here.

*"Teaching Progress: A Critique of the Grand Narrative of Human Rights as Pedagogy for Marginalized Students" (with Robyn Linde). Radical Teacher 103, 2015.

*"Who are the Insiders? Faculty and Students as Activists." Presented at the Thematic Session on Campus Activism at the Making Connections: Movements and Research in a Global Context" workshop of the American Sociological Association Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2011.

*"The Neglected Virtues of Comparative Historical Methods." In Zake and DeCesare, New Directions in Sociology: Essays on Theory and Methodology in the 21st Cenury, 2011, McFarland. For more information or to buy online, see the McFarland book profile.

*"The Spectre of Class: Educating and Advising for Self-Efficacy," Issues in Teaching and Learning 6. Read online.

*"Resurrecting Smelser: Collective Power, Generalized Beleif, and Hegemonic Spaces." Theory in Action 2:4, 2009. Abstract available.

*"The Not-So-Invisible Hand: Understanding the Dynamics of Curricular Change in Higher Education." Presentation at the National Summer Data Policy Fellowship Program of the Association for Institutional Research, June 21-27, 2009. (The presentation PowerPoint is available).

* "Thinking Outside the Master's House: New Knowledge Movements and the Emergence of Academic Disciplines." Social Movement Studies 8:1, 2009. (Available to subscribers from InformaWorld).

* "Conflict, Controversy, and Collective Actionin the Collegiate Curriculum," Cornell University Institute for the Social Sciences Textbook Controversies Workshop, Feburary 8, 2008 (conference paper available).

* "Social Movements in Organizations." Sociology Compass 2:3, 2008.

For more information on my prior publications and presentations, please view my complete CV, available below.

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