Peter Meyer
My current research focuses on quantifying textures in plutonic and volcanic rocks from Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and in samples recovered from the seafloor along the Southwest Indian Ridge, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and the East Pacific Rise. Textures of igneous rocks preserve information about the crystallization history of lava flows and magmatic intrusions.  Textures also provide important information about subsolidus deformation due to the collision and breakup of tectonic plates. Quantitative analysis of textures is achieved by measuring grain size, grain shape, grain orientation, and crystal size distribution.
Student research involves investigations in geology, oceanography, and meteorology. Examples of  recent research projects include the following: Modal Analysis of Rhode Island Granites, Exlosivity of Volcanic Eruptions, Field Investigation of the Silver Creek Estuary in Bristol, RI, Wave Height in Buzzards Bay, and Tropical Cyclone Activity over the last 50 years.
Geology and Oceanography