Elaine Magyar
Physical Organic Chemistry
Physical organic chemistry:  We are studying the acid-catalyzed ring opening reactions of arylcyclopropanes. These projects involve organic synthesis and purification using advanced laboratory methods, FTIR, NMR, and UV spectroscopy, GC-MS, and computational chemistry.  We are also interested in using ab initio methods to explore the molecular geometry and electronic charge distribution in organic molecules and their relationship to experimentally determined parameters like NMR coupling constants and in using molecular dynamics to study proteins.  These projects involve the use of programs such as Spartan, Gaussian, and Gromacs.  Another area of interest is the development of methods that use chemical ionization mass spectroscopy and MS-MS to analyze mixtures derived from chemical reactions or extraction from natural products.
Environmental Chemistry
Our environmental science research involves the application of instrumental methods including atomic absorption spectroscopy, UV-Vis spectroscopy, fluorescence, and GC-MS to probe environmental questions such as the relationship between the pH of natural waters, dissolved organic material, and metal speciation or the concentration of anthropogenic organic contaminants like phthalates, synthetic hormones, or pesticides in natural waters, soil, or food samples.
Environmental and Organic Chemistry