Theoretical Physics 
Daniel Snowman
My research interests primarily involve theoretical, computational, and occasionally experimental investigations of Complex Systems.  Many systems with competing interactions reach a state of criticality whereby a single fluctuation may result in catastrophic consequences.  Spin glasses, earthquakes, avalanches, and stock markets are all examples of systems that are thought or known to be susceptible to this critical state.  The goal of this research is to develop a theory explaining the exact role of competition and how it affects ordering in these systems as they approach or reach this critical state.  Students have participated in projects involving a wide range of topics, tools and techniques: Statistical physics, Field Theory, Renormalization-Group theory, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, nonlinear phenomena, chaotic electric circuits, Oscillons, Granular Media, Self-Organized Criticality, Sonoluminescence, Radio-astronomy, Spin glasses, Universality, Cryptography, Information Physics, Circle-Packing and Riemann’s Conjecture.