Rhode Island College Chapter


To Sigma Xi members at Rhode Island College;


It’s time to nominate students for membership in Sigma Xi.  Normally, nominees are students who have been engaged in research at a significant level.  They are typically seniors or outstanding juniors, but they do not have to be Honors students.  For the nomination to be completed, the registration fee has to paid.  For student nominees, that is $55.00.  If you nominate a student I will inform him/her of the value of membership and also of the fee, unless the nominator has made other arrangements.  This year I would like to offer to cover part of the fee upon request as a sort of scholarship.  If you wish to nominate a student, please email me the name (jmagyar@ric.edu) and I will initiate the paperwork.  If you prefer to fill out the form yourself, it is available here as a fillable PDF.


Sigma Xi has a long history as a scientific honor society. In addition to public advocacy for science, Sigma Xi sponsors research conferences, grants-in-aid for research, and distinguished lectureships.  The society’s “Value Proposition” begins with the following text:


Sigma Xi is an international, multidisciplinary  community of science and engineering professionals dedicated to research excellence, to promoting public engagement with science, and to fostering the next generation of researchers. Through the recognition and honor of induction, Sigma Xi members join a distinguished community of researchers.


The longer statement makes a compelling argument for participation in the organization.


Nomination form


April 28, 2017
James G. Magyar