Rhode Island College Syllabus

Comm 341  Music Video Production SPR2014 M&W 10AM-12

Instructor: Professor Philip J. Palombo

Communication and Graduate Media Studies



"The arts are encroaching one upon another, and from this encroachment will come the art that is truly monumental."Lázló Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946)


Course Description:

This course explores the art, design, form and creation of the Music Video.

Through several assignments students experience pre-production, production and post-production techniques including special effects.


Prerequisite: COMM246

Overview:  Music Video has a long heritage and recognized as having strongly influenced media post-production techniques.  A great deal regarding the history and development of the Music Video is well documented, recorded  and delivered on the web. This Wiki Link is rich with background and knowledge. While the music video was originally designed with promotional intent many artists integrated the visuals into their performances.


Classes will consist of: lecture, numerous screenings, discussion and equipment discussion/presentation. We also plan on several presenters including Musicians, Media Producers and a Promotional Specialist.


Electronic mail is required for this course, please check your RIC account daily.


This syllabus explains some of our mutual responsibilities, it is here for your reference, so use it. There are two important reasons for this:
1) You won't have to ask classmates what is expected.

2) You and the instructor have the same understanding about what is expected.

Not every question can be answered here so don't feel reluctant to seek me out to discuss course requirements, assignments or any other matter of concern. If you have any special needs, please feel free to bring them to my attention now. It is mutually beneficial that I am made aware of any particular circumstances that may impede your learning so that if at all possible I can help.


We will be screening the Instructional Video series Punk Rock Film School (How to make a music video). This DVD is that of the acclaimed director, Darren Doane (Blink 182, AFI, Jimmy Eat World) walks you through all the steps needed to get you filming today!

Suggested Online tutorials:

A word about particular choices for learning - I and many others like Lynda.com

Many instructional videos on various features of FinalCutPro and other software exist on YouTube.


Various Sites: (with more to follow)

Rhizome- Super Art Site

    Music Video References
Communications Art Magazine (ComArts online)
Wired Magazine
List of Music Magazines
Atomfilms' Comedy Online

  For the first few weeks we will screen various Music Videos and examine them in a historic and formative perspective. After exposure to the nature of the medium and the range of experimentation by various artists, the class will provide you the opportunity to work on your projects and function more as a working critique and I will provide direction as a "guide."

Equipment Access:

You can borrow a HiDef camcorder, mics, and tripod from Audio Visual located in Gaige Hall 113E 456-8020. And potentially lights if available.

It is important that you follow the RULES (OR) your privileges will be revoked
. An Important word about use of all of our equipment:

All of our equipment is EXPENSIVE & SENSITIVE to abuse. It MUST be handled with care and respect.
That means it is not acceptable for you to leave it unattended in a car. In that the equipment is sensitive to extreme temperatures it must not be left in the trunk of a car either. EATING AND DRINKING IS NOT permitted in the lab, Please! Your lab and loaning privileges are important to your success in this course, so comply with all of the lab’s rules. The Multimedia Lab phone number is: 456-4716.



Screenings, viewings and readings are intended as a point of reference, they should serve as examples that hopefully provide you with "food for thought" in the making of your own work.



Prepare a presentation of no less than 20 minutes on at least 5 music videos that could inspire and/or influence your work.



Cover a local band in concert and edit three (3) tunes from the performance.



Develop, Produce, Post-Produce a lip-sync music video with a local band and or performer.