Rhode Island College

COMM 479: Communications Internship Syllabus - Spring 2013

Associate Professor, Philip Palombo

Email: ppalombo(AT)ric.edu     Phone: (401) 456-8044


Course Description:

Students gain a more comprehensive understanding of communication fields through on-the-job training. This course may be repeated once for credit. 4 credit hours




    * Open to Communications Majors who have completed at least 75 credit  hours of undergraduate courses, 18 of which are communications courses and to graduate students with consent of the instructor

    * Application must be made during the semester prior to field experience

Additional requirements are set forth in the application form


Each student is expected to commit a minimum of 120 hours in their position this semester.


This course requires that you use your RIC Email address. You will get communiques from me via that address only. Please check it and the course's website regularly.


    Always feel free to Email or Call for any concerns you may have. There may be situations that develop in your placement that you may have questions about. If you have an uncomfortable feeling or simply a question about WHATEVER please don't hesitate to contact me.




Any need for a face-to-face meet will be scheduled as quickly as possible. We will have several meeting days in the last weeks of the semester


Students must maintain a journal detailing their assignments; reflection on mission, self, values, the experience and challenges you are facing.


Journaling also needs to reflect on this type of work and if you think it is a good fit for you. How different is it than you anticipated? Does it still feel like a likely career for you?


Conduct at least 2 informational interviews with the staff. Try to determine who has the ability to hire or at least can recommend for hiring. Many in this industry first served as interns and were available and capable when a position opened. This is an opportunity for you to get evaluated and also determine if this is really where you want to be. Always be prepared to contribute and a way to a position is to make yourself indispensable and demonstrate your ambition and strengths.



You must receive a written evaluation from your primary contact person.


Internship Report:

You are expected to in addition to the journal to write at least 2 pages summarizing the experience, ie. your overall perspective of the experience, the placement, the future of the industry, site for placement for other students.


Expect to turn this in on May 17 or 24, 2013. (Changed due to graduating senior deadlines.)

 April 26 and May 3  Whipple 204

This Document may evolve- Please check it out on the Web regularly.