Images of Inuit in Stereoviews



image courtesy of the Ashton-Shelley Collection, Pennsylvania State University Libraries

"Dr. Kane and the Esquimaux" (View by C. Seaver)

These wax figures were apparently part of an exhibit then on display at the Smithsonian; they are likely the work of New Haven artist Sydney Moulthrop (1802-1880), who was known for his wax figures of the survivors of the Amistad, as well as of a variety of Native American subjects, including Chief Red Cloud and Hall's guides Ebierbing ("Joe") and Tookoolito ("Hannah").


image courtesy of Mr. James Farfan

"Esquimaux Joe & Hannah, Cap't Hall's Companions on the Polaris Expedition"

(wax figures from the Centennial Exhibition of 1876; possibly also by Moulthrop)



From the collection of Russell A. Potter

"The Eskimo at Home": Inuit at Fort Magnesia


From the collection of Russell A. Potter

Eskimo Dog team and Sled, World's Fair, St. Louis