Important Links to Outside Resources


Music and Sound Recording History

120 Years of Electronic Music

A fabulous trove of information about the evolution of electronic music and instruments


Radio and Television History

Documenting Early Radio -- a Resource Index

Donald McLean's restored Baird television recordings

McLean's work in restoring Baird's recordings may be the most significant work of media archaeology in the twentieth century.

Television History

This is by far the best overall website on the early history of television, from the 1920's through the 1960's.

John Logie Baird

This is my own modest site on the work of Baird, with some interesting historical images you can browse.


Film History

Thomas Elsaesser, "The New Film History as Media Archaeology"

Link to biography and online films of Charles Urban


Computer History

The Atlas of Cyberspace

Perhaps the most fascinating visual history of the 'Net I know!


Reference Sources and Bibliographies


Chronomedia is destined to become the most comprehensive and accurate timeline of developments in communications media ever compiled. By integrating references to all audio-visual media—film and cinema, radio and television, cable and satellite, interactive (multi)media, photography, telegraphy, telephony and even printing and publishing—it becomes easier to see the parallel developments and interactions that have formed the media scene we know today.

Ad Access

Ad Access is a pilot project of original print advertisements, scanned and catalogued online -- it's modest in size, but broad in scope and great fun (many of our site images can be found there).

The Stanford University Copyright and Fair Use Website

The best resource site for copyright and intellectula property issues.


Visual Arts and Media History

Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp

A fabulous site complete with animations of some of Duchamp's readymades and kinetic art.

DaDa Online

This site has a somewhat klunky web iinterface -- but tons of historical info and images are hidden within!

Surréalisme! Online

A very thorough and, well, surreal site on surrealism.


Theoretical and New Media Websites


The "TeleReal" consists of eight installations, which use networking and computing to explore issues of the global embrace of the telematic network; making human connections with and despite the network; and converging physical and cyberspace to create a hybrid reality that interrogates the notion of a global embrace.


Online Zines and Periodicals

Assemblage Issue 1.0 part 1

Assemblage Issue 1.0 part 2