Index of Arctic Stereoviews


I. Inuit and Inupiat Subjects


Eskimo Girls and Part of Crew of S.S. Eric *

Esquimaux Homes, Peteravik, Ellesmere Land *

Esquimau mother and babe, and pet wolf, deck of S.S. Diana, West Greenland *

"Eskimo Dog Team and Sled, World's Fair, St. Louis" RP

"Our Alaskan Sisters" *

"The Eskimo at Home"

The world's most unique inhabitants -- Esquimaux *

An igloo of driftwood and sod *

Eskimo Dog Team on Trail, Hopedale, Ladrador *

"Dr Kane and the Esquimaux"

Esquimaux at Fort Magnesia, Cape Sabine RP

The Belle of Greenland DW


II. Explorers and Ships


Hauling Snow for Water Supply, Belgica Antarctic Expedition *

Whalers Cruising in the Arctic - Dexterity Harbor RP

Roald Admunsen, Discoverer of the South Pole, Inspecting Ice *

An Iceberg in the North Atlantic *

Peary's Ship Diana at Cape Sabine RP

Peary's Arctic Exploration Ship Roosevelt *

The Twin Ships Eric and Windward RP

Icebound Ship, Baffin's Bay RP

Relics of Sir John Franklin DW


* = From the collection of Dr. T.K. Treadwell, Institute for Photographic Research

RP = From the collection of Dr. Russell A. Potter

DW = From the Collection of Collection of Douglas Wamsley