Material Covered

September 6, 2011

CS Journal Articles:

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

The Not So Short Guide to Latex

September 27

Visit to Library

October 4

Dr. Costa Design Theory

October 11

No Class

October 18

Dr. Wang

First Latex Assignment

October 25

Dr. Burr

November 1

Dr. Roy

November 8

Dr. Sullivan

November 15

Some useful links:

Mathematics and Statistics Projects at Williams College

UVA Toolkit Problem Database and Solver(CS)

Research Project Ideas at Arizona State

LMS Undergraduate Project Archive

University of Illinois CS Dept Projects(CS)

Round Robin Tournament Problem

Virginia Tech Undergraduate Research Projects

Computer Science Project Ideas


Resources for Undergraduate Research


For next week:

Create a resume using LaTex. There are a few different resume styles and templates available here. Choose a resume style you like, create a resume and send me a PDF of your resume. (Be sure to read the document; you will most likely need to download the file res.cls.)