Dr. Tomoji Shogenji

Publication (Book)

Formal Epistemology and Cartesian Skepticism: In Defense of Belief in the Natural World (Routledge: 2017).


Publication (Papers--items with * are refereed):

32* “A Unified Account of the Conjunction Fallacy by Coherence” (with Martin Jönsson) to appear in Synthese.

31* "Information and Inaccuracy" (with William Roche) to appear in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

30* "Mediated Confirmation," The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 68 (2017), pp. 847-874.

29* "Skepticism and Epistemic Closure: Two Bayesian Accounts" (with Luca Moretti), International Journal for the Study

        of Skepticism 7 (2017), pp. 1-25.

28* "Confirmation, Transitivity, and Moore: The Screening-Off Approach" (with William Roche), Philosophical Studies 168

       (2014), pp. 797-817.

27* "Dwindling Confirmation" (with William Roche), Philosophy of Science 81 (2014), pp. 114-137.

26* "Coherence of the Contents and the Transmission of Probabilistic Support," Synthese 190 (2013), pp. 2525-2545.

25   "Reductio, Coherence, and the Myth of Epistemic Circularity" in F. Zenker, ed., Bayesian Argumentation

       (Springer 2013), pp. 165-184.

24* "Internalism and Externalism in Meliorative Epistemology," Erkenntnis 76 (2012), pp. 59-72.

23   "The Degree of Epistemic Justification and the Conjunction Fallacy," Synthese 184 (2012), pp. 29-48.

22   Review of Erik Olsson, Against Coherence: Truth, Probability and Justification. Philosophy and Phenomenological

       Research 77: 1 (2008), 292-296.

21   "Why Does Coherence Appear Truth-Conducive?" Synthese 157: 3 (2007), 361-372.

20    Review of Luc Bovens and Stephan Hartmann, Bayesian Epistemology. Theoria (Sweden) 72 (2006), 166-171.

19* “A Defense of Reductionism about Testimonial Justification of Beliefs,” Noûs 40: 2 (2006), 331-346.
18* “The Role of Coherence of Evidence in the Non-Dynamic Model of Confirmation,” Erkenntnis 63 (2005), 317-333.
17* “Justification by Coherence from Scratch,” Philosophical Studies 125: 3 (2005), 305-325.
16* “Can We Trust Our Memories? C. I. Lewis’s Coherence Argument” (with Erik J. Olsson), Synthese 142: 1 (2004),
15* “A Condition for Transitivity in Probabilistic Support,” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 54 (2003), 613-
14   “The Problem of Independence in Justification by Coherence” in Y. Bouchard, ed., Perspectives on Coherentism

       (Alymer: Éditions du Scribe, 2002),129-137.
13* "Reply to Akiba on the Probabilistic Measure of Coherence," Analysis 61 (2001), 147-150.
12* “The Role of Coherence in Epistemic Justification,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 79 (2001), 90-106.
11* “Self-Dependent Justification without Circularity,” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 51 (2000), 287-98.
10* “The Problem of the Criterion in Rule-Following,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 60 (2000), 501-525.
  9* "Is Coherence Truth Conducive?" Analysis 59 (1999), 338-45.
  8* “The Consistency of Global Relativism,” Mind 106 (1997), 745-747.
  7   Translation of John Searle, Intentionality, Chapter 6 “Meaning” in Japanese in Hyakudai Sakamoto (ed.), Shikousei
       [Intentionality], (Tokyo: Seishin Publishers, 1997).
  6   “Ninshikironteki Junkan” [Epistemic Circularity] in Japanese, Tetsugaku Zasshi (Journal of Philosophy) 111 (1996),
  5   “Kisoku Ni Shitagau” [To Follow a Rule] in Japanese in Takashi Iida (ed.), Wittgenstein Tokuhon [Wittgenstein
       Companion] (Tokyo: Hosei University Press, 1995).
  4* “The Problem of Rule-Following in Compositional Semantics,” Southern Journal of Philosophy 73 (1995), 97-108.
  3* “Modest Scepticism About Rule-Following,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 71 (1993), 486-500.
  2* “Boomerang Defense of Rule Following,” Southern Journal of Philosophy 30 (1992), 115-122.
  1   “To Borrow a Rule” in Ronshu [Philosophical Studies], Vol. 3 (Tokyo: University of Tokyo, Department of Philosophy,
      1985), 1-12.


35. University of Groningen, the Netherlands, to be held in May 2018.

34. University of Turin, Italy, to be held in May 2018.

33. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing, China, January 2018.

32. Workshop The Philosophy of Information and Information Quality in Lund, Sweden, May 2013.

31. Hokkaido University, Japan, January 2012.

30. Workshop The Roots of Deduction at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, November 2011.

29. Lund University, Sweden, November 2011.

28. Workshop Bayesian Argumentation in Lund, Sweden, October 2010.

27. Formal epistemology workshop at Copenhagen University, Denmark, October 2010.

26. Workshop Epistemic Transmission and Interaction in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2010.

25. The Philosophical Society in Lund, Sweden, May 2009

24. University of Leuven, Belgium, May 2009

23. Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany, May 2009.

22. Tilburg University, the Netherlands, April 2009.

21. University of Groningen, the Netherlands, April 2009.

20. American Philosophical Association: Eastern Division Meetings in Philadelphia, December 2008.

19. Workshop Probability, Confirmation and Fallacies in Leuven, Belgium, April 2008.

18. Formal Epistemology Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University, June 2007.

17. American Philosophical Association: Pacific Division Meetings in San Francisco, April 2007.

16. American Philosophical Association: Eastern Division Meetings in Washington DC, December 2006.

15. American Philosophical Association: Pacific Division Meetings in Portland, March 2006.

14. Workshop Coherence: Interpreting the Impossibility Results in Lund, Sweden, March 2006.
13. American Philosophical Association: Central Division Meetings in Chicago, April 2005.
12. Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion, group meeting at APA Eastern in Boston, December 2004.
11. Ontario Philosophical Society, annual meeting in Waterloo, Canada, November 2004.
10. Workshop Coherence held in conjunction with the fifth triennial meeting of Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie
      in Bielefeld, Germany, September 2003.
9. Symposium Skepticism in Contemporary Epistemology in Sherbrooke, Canada, October 2003.
8. American Philosophical Association: Pacific Division Meetings in Seattle, March 2002.
7. Symposium Coherence in Epistemology in Ottawa, Canada, September 2001.
6. Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion: International Conference in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, August 2000.
5. American Philosophical Association: Eastern Division Meetings in Atlanta, December 1996.
4. Rhode Island Philosophical Society: Fall Meeting, in Rhode Island, November 1995.
3. Texas Tech University, October 1992.
2. Northern Illinois University, March 1991.
1. Discipuli (national graduate conference in philosophy) held at the University of Southern California, April 1988.

Journal Referee:


Australasian Journal of Philosophy

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science




European Journal for Philosophy of Science
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science

Journal of Philosophical Logic


Pacific Philosophical Quarterly

Philosophical Quarterly
Philosophical Studies

Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Philosophy of Science

Southern Journal of Philosophy





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