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Mission Statement

Rhode Island College’s Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) promotes the professional growth and development of faculty as teachers and as scholars of teaching and learning. The FCTL cultivates a public dialogue about teaching and learning across disciplinary lines and strives to build a professional community among teachers at Rhode Island College. The FCTL serves faculty at every stage of our professional lives in order to support a campus-wide culture committed to excellence in teaching and learning. The FCTL is by faculty, for faculty.

FCTL Mission

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) is devoted to the professional and personal growth of faculty and has, as a central tenet of its mission, the goal of fostering a dynamic and committed campus community from across distances and disciplines while also supporting the college's strategic plan. As described by faculty members themselves, the FCTL at RIC:

  • Provides much-needed faculty support in a rapidly evolving profession and teaching/learning environment. The FCTL fosters a safe space for honest, productive dialogue informed by scholarship and experience from all disciplines, ranks, and full-time and part-time status.
  • Promotes communication and collaboration across disciplines. The FCTL serves as an institutional hub that fosters a dynamic and committed campus community across disciplines.
  • Creates an ongoing, coherent discussion of pedagogical practices in and out of the classroom. The FCTL serves as a central source of support for faculty development programs and collaboratively coordinates professional development activities, resources, and information.
  • Responds to new ideas and trends in teaching and learning. With faculty members bringing in ideas from outside contacts and the Center monitoring trends in higher education, the FCTL ensures that the campus as a whole remains up to date in current pedagogical thinking.
  • Has a broad impact beyond the campus. Over 90% of K-12 teachers in Rhode Island have a degree from Rhode Island College. Across all fields, the majority of our graduates remain in the state for their professional careers. Thus, the FCTL has a wide impact on the professional population and on K-12 students across the entire state.​

Page last updated: August 27, 2019