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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Books Available in HELIN Libraries

  • Cover Art Enhancing Learning Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: The Challenges and Joys of Juggling - Kathleen McKinney
    Call Number: J&W-Prov. Harborside Grad Ed. LB2326.3 .M36 2007
    ISBN: 1933371293
    This book offers advice on how to do, share, and apply SoTL work to improve student learning and development. Written for college-level faculty members as well as faculty developers, administrators, academic staff, and graduate students, this book will also help undergraduate students collaborating with faculty on SoTL projects. Though targeted at those new to the field of SoTL, more seasoned SoTL researchers and those attempting to support SoTL efforts will find the book valuable.

  • Cover Art The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: An Evidence-Based Perspective - Raymond P. Perry, John C. Smart, editors
    Call Number: J&W-Prov. Harborside Grad Ed. LB2331 .S3564 2007
    ISBN: 1402049447
    Pivotal to the transformation of higher education in the 21st Century is the nature of pedagogy and its role in advancing the aims of various stakeholders. This book brings together pre-eminent scholars to critically assess teaching and learning issues that cut across most disciplines. Systematically explored throughout the book is the avowed linkage between classroom teaching and motivation, learning, and performance outcomes in students.

  • Cover Art Into the Classroom: Developing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - Thomas Hatch, with Melissa Eiler White ... [et al.]
    Call Number: Salve Curriculum & RWU Main Library LB1027 .H348 2006
    ISBN: 0787981087
    Teachers are the "lone rangers" of education. They are sequestered in their classrooms, unable to see what their colleagues are doing. All too often, good teachers have few, if any, opportunities to share their teaching techniques with others in their profession.

    Based on the development of the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Into the Classroom clearly shows the advantages of bringing teaching into the public arena and making it possible for many people to see the nature and quality of the teaching that goes on inside schools. Once teaching is more public we can create unprecedented opportunities for teachers to learn from one another and for others to participate constructively in supporting and improving schools. Into the Classroom outlines the myriad issues that must be addressed in order for the teaching profession to become a true learning profession.​

  • Cover Art Disciplinary Styles in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Exploring Common Ground - Mary Taylor Huber and Sherwyn P. Morreale, editors
    Call Number: URI LB2331 D57 2002
    ISBN: 1563770520
    Ten sets of disciplinary scholars respond to an orienting essay that raises questions about the history of discourse about teaching and learning in the disciplines, the ways in which disciplinary "styles" influence inquiry into teaching and learning, and the nature and roles of interdisciplinary exchange. The authors hope to "contribute to a common language for trading ideas, enlarging our pedagogical imaginations, and strengthening our scholarly work." Disciplines represented: chemistry; communication studies, engineering, English studies, history, management sciences, mathematics, psychology, and sociology

  • Cover Art Scholarship Assessed: Evaluation of the Professoriate - Charles E. Glassick, Mary Taylor Huber, and Gene I. Maeroff
    Call Number: PC, RWU, Wheaton, URI LB2331 G63 1997
    ISBN: 0787910910
    Scholarship Assessed continues the exploration begun by Scholarship Reconsidered. It examines the changing nature of scholarship in today's colleges and universities and proposes new standards with a special emphasis on methods for assessment and documentation.

  • Cover Art Opening Lines: Approaches to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - Pat Hutchings, editor
    Call Number: URI LB2331 O58 2000
    ISBN: 0931050685
    The cases that constitute this volume represent work in progress by faculty selected as Carnegie Scholars with the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL). Each of the eight authors tells the story of her or his efforts at "opening lines" of inquiry into significant issues in the teaching and learning of the field. In particular, their accounts focus on the doing of this kind of investigative work – that is, on methods and approaches for undertaking the scholarship of teaching and learning.

  • Cover Art Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate - Ernest L. Boyer
    Call Number: LA227.3 .B694 1990 2 copies
    ISBN: 0787940690
    Ernest L. Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered offers a new paradigm that recognizes the full range of scholarly activity by college and university faculty and questions the existence of a reward system that pushed faculty toward research and publication and away from teaching.

  • Cover Art The Advancement of Learning: Building the Teaching Commons - Mary Taylor Huber, Pat Hutchings
    Call Number: LB2331 .H85 2005
    ISBN: 078798115X
    A publication of The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, this book explores the premise that the scholarship of teaching and learning holds the key to improving the quality of higher education.

  • Cover Art Learning Communities: Reforming Undergraduate Education - Barbara Leigh Smith ... [et al.]
    Call Number: LB2331 .L392 2004
    ISBN: 0787910368
    Learning Communities is a groundbreaking book that shows how learning communities can be a flexible and effective approach to enhancing student learning, promoting curricular coherence, and revitalizing faculty. Written by Barbara Leigh Smith, Jean MacGregor, Roberta S. Matthews, and Faith Gabelnick, acclaimed national leaders in the learning communities movement, this important book provides the historical, conceptual, and philosophical context for learning communities and clearly demonstrates that they can be a key element in institutional transformation.

  • Cover Art Building Faculty Learning Communities - Milton D. Cox, Laurie Richlin, editors
    Call Number: LB2331.7 .B83 2004
    ISBN: 0787975680
    Changing our colleges and universities into learning institutions has become increasingly important at the same time it has become more difficult. Faculty learning communities have proven to be effective for addressing institutional challenges, from preparing the faculty of the future and reinvigorating senior faculty, to implementing new courses, curricula, and campus initiatives on diversity and technology. The results of faculty learning community programs parallel for faculty members the results of student learning communities for students, such as retention, deeper learning, respect for other cultures, and greater civic participation.


Selected Articles

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  • Shulman, L. (1999). Taking Learning Seriously. Outside LinkChange, 31(4), 11-17.


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