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BCI (Background Criminal Investigation)​

All students who intend on applying to the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSEHD) and all enrolled undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates are required to submit BCIs at various times prior to graduating. BCI reports are valid for one year. Candidates’ BCIs must be valid for the time in which they will be in the field.

Admissions into the FSEHD

During the application process each FSEHD applicant must answer three questions about prior or pending arrests and/or convictions. And, while answering "yes" to any of the questions may not bar an applicant from acceptance and becoming a teacher candidate, the FSEHD cannot guarantee a placement in a school setting. A school has the right to prevent the teacher candidate from entering its site. The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) has the right to refuse the candidate’s request for a student-teaching certificate and/or teacher certification. How a school and RIDE choose to address the charges on a BCI is beyond the control of the FSEHD.

Prior to all Practicum Experiences

Once an individual has obtained the BCI Report he/she is responsible for following up with the course instructor to find out how the BCI is to be handled in that setting. FSEHD courses as well as school districts have varying requirements for the submission of BCIs. Candidates are not permitted to begin their practicum without submitting a current BCI to the course instructor. Practicum course instructors are provided with updated BCI school/district preferences and contact lists.

Prior to Student Teaching

Candidates must submit a current BCI to Tami Mildner, Coordinator of Partnerships and Placements, Horace Mann 102, prior to student teaching. The deadline for submitting a BCI for student teaching is posted here.

Obtaining a BCI

At the beginning of the fall and spring semester, students may apply for and receive the BCI Report through the FSEHD Office Horace Mann Hall – Room 105 (see FSEHD home page for dates and times). Students have the option of going to the Department of the Attorney General and applying in person.

For Information Regarding BCI in the FSEHD

Students applying to FSEHD
Contact Mrs. Dottie Grady, or 456-8822

Candidates preparing to enter practicum
Contact their practicum course instructor

Candidates preparing to student teach
Contact Ms. Tami Mildner, Coordinator of Partnerships and Placements, or 456-8114 ​

Page last updated: October 04, 2017