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Corinne McKamey

Henry Barnard School (HBS) 218
(401) 456-8995

Academic Background

I am interested in better understanding the perspectives of students and teachers in K-12 schools and after school programs. In pursuing this work, I have used a variety of qualtitative research techniques including cultural analysis of discourse, narrative analysis, and arts based methods (e.g. photography, collagemaking). I taught middle school and high school science and interdisciplinary studies in several urban public schools in San Antonio, Texas. Since moving to the Northeast in 1998, I have continued working in K-12 urban public schools in a variety of capacities, including mentor teacher, educational researcher, school accreditation consultant, and teacher educator. My degrees include a B.S. in Biology and Society from Cornell University, an M.A.T. from Trinity University in San Antonio, and an Ed.D. from Harvard University.

Courses Taught

ELED 437 Teaching Elementary School Science
ELED 513 Design & Assess Teaching and Learning
ELED 518 Science In The Elementary School


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