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CRP Potential Application Overview

To determine whether RIC CRP is the best pathway for you to achieve the desired certification, get started by clicking on this hyperlink to a Google Form (Survey) called “RIC CRP Potential Application Overview.”​

After we receive your response to this Google Form (Survey), RIC CRP will review the information and advise you either to proceed with the FULL online RIC CRP application or to meet with a RIC program coordinator to consider another pathway to certification.

BEFORE you begin the Google Form (Survey), do the following:

  1. Click on this hyperlink and locate the desired FULL certificate number and title you are seeking:
  2. Collect current, valid Rhode Island “Emergency,” "Expert Residency Preliminary", or "Full Professional" Certificate(s) that you hold. Scan images (formatted as a PDF "Portable Document File") for each current, valid Rhode Island certificate. Filename label should include your last name and certificate (e.g., Kniseley_Certificate).
  3. Collect all undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts.
    - Transcripts do not need to be "official" for this Google Form (Survey).
    - Scan each transcript as Portable Document Files (PDF). You will upload a PDF file of the transcript in the Google Form (Survey). Create a single PDF file for each academic transcript.
    - If an academic transcript is more than one scanned PDF page, combine and sequentially organize the scanned PDF pages in a single PDF file before uploading in the Google Form (survey). Use software such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to combine and organize PDF pages. Filename label should include your last name and institution (e.g., Kniseley_Rhode_Island_College_Transcript).
  4. Collect information about your full-time professional teaching experiences in charge of classroom, student teaching, and substitute teaching in an academic (school) setting in the DESIRED FULL CERTIFICATE AREA.

    For each teaching experience/student teaching, include the following information:
    a. role/position/grade level
    b. public or private school setting
    c. name of school/district. location (city, state)
    d. daily or long-term substitute teaching or full-time teaching
    e. beginning/end dates of employment.
  5. Here is additional information about RIC CRP process.

    A. RIC CRP receives FULL online applications with documentation throughout the year. NOTE: The FULL RIC CRP online application with documentation is DIFFERENT from Google Form (Survey).

    The process of assessing the FULL RIC CRP online application can take up to 14 weeks after the date the online application is fully completed and the $150 fee has been received.

    B. Faculty reviewers are not expected to assess applications during the summer (May 15 - late August).
    - Applications submitted between April 15 - June 3 will not be assessed until September 8.
    - If you are applying for the re-issuance of an expert residency preliminary certificate (emergency certificate) and are required by RIDE to submit a CRP Status Form and Plan of Study as evidence of enrollment, we advise that you submit your CRP application materials and $150 fee no later than February 6 to prepare for the August 31 deadline. The Status Form and Plan of Study should be assessed by May 15.

    C. After the review of your FULL application with documentation, we will email you a status form indicating met and unmet certification requirements and a plan of study. The plan of study will include specific actions to help you achieve "unmet" certification requirements. The plan of study may list the Rhode Island College coursework or other actions required to achieve professional, pedagogical and content competencies and assessment requirements.

    D. After Achieving All Certification Requirements When you fully complete all certification requirements, the Feinstein School of Education Dean will sign the Credential Review Completion Authorization. RIC CRP will send this signed form to you. Next, you will apply for your certificate at RIDE and include the form in the RIDE application materials for issuance of the certificate.

    If you have additional questions about RIC CRP, please email Dr. Christine Kunkel (RIC CRP Liaison) at or Dottie Grady (RIC CRP Administrative Assistant) at​.​​

Page last updated: December 18, 2018