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Credential Review Pathway

Thank you for your interest in Rhode Island College’s Credential Review Pathway (CRP).

The Credential Review Pathway is an appropriate pathway for individuals seeking to re-issue their Expert Residency Preliminary Certificate, to add another certification, or renew a certificate that is more than five years expired.

If you can document the following pre-requisites, you are qualified for the RIC Credential Review Pathway:

  1. bachelor's degree.
  2. academic excellence - minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in a degree program and 3.0 GPA in appropriate content area courses.
  3. extensive teaching experience in PK-12 academic settings in the certification area. Extensive teaching experience is a full semester of supervised student teaching in the certification area (recent graduate) or 270+ days of full-time professional teaching or 270+ days of full-time substitute teaching in the certification area. Work experience as a teacher assistant does not count. You need to be fully in charge of the class.

If CRP is a viable option for you, please e-mail Dr. MacGregor Kniseley. Indicate the State of Rhode Island certificate title/number and confirm that you can document the three pre-requisites. He will send you a URL to the online RIC CRP application and instructions for submitting the application with documentation.

We anticipate that the process to review application materials will take up to 14 weeks. We will accept application materials throughout the year; however, because assessing an application and developing a plan of study can take up to 14 weeks, application materials should be submitted no later than April 15 to allow enough time for reviewers to assess the materials prior to the end of the spring semester and the beginning of summer (mid-May through late August). Application materials submitted during the summer will be reviewed at the beginning of the fall semester (late August).​

Page last updated: September 12, 2017