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Graduate Programs In The School Of Education


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Graduate Programs​

Ph.D. in Education Prog​ram

The Ph.D. in Education program offers reform-minded professionals a unique way to advance their research knowledge and skills, and to address educational problems in a variety of settings. Our Ph.D. students benefit from working with faculty from the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College with scholarly expertise in the following areas: Literacy in Education (Print Literacy and Digital Literacy); Special Education; Adult and Higher Education; Pedagogy and Practice (Instruction, Curriculum, Assessment, and Teacher Education); Equity and Social Justice in Education.

Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning M.Ed.
Art Education (Art Department) M.A.T. with initial licensure
Counseling Programs:  
     Advanced Counseling C.G.S.
     MS in Clinical Mental Health MS
     School Counseling M.A.
Early Childhood Education M.Ed.
Educational Leadership M.Ed.
Elementary Education M.Ed.
Elementary Education M.​A.T. with initial licensure
Elementary Education - specialized C.G.S.
Health Education M.Ed.
Middle Grades Certification C​.G.S
Music Education ( Music, Theatre and Dance Department ) M.A.T. with initial licensure
Physical Education C.G.S.
Reading M.Ed. (with advanced certificate)
School Psychology M.A. | C.A.G.S.
Secondary Education M.A.T. with initial licensure
Secondary Education - Specialized C.G.S.
Teaching English as a Second Language​ M.Ed. (with advanced certificate)
Teaching English as a Second Language C.G.S.
Special Education:


     Autism Education C.G.S.
     Early Childhood, Birth-Kindergarten M.Ed.
     Exceptional Learning Needs M.Ed.
     Middle-Secondary Level C.G.S.
     Special Education Certification M.Ed.
     Severe Intellectual Disabilities M.Ed | C.G.S.
     Urban Multicultural M.Ed.
World Languages Education M.A.T.
​Youth Development M.A.

FSEHD Graduate Admissions​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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