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How to Apply for Teacher Certification*

RIDE began moving to an electronic certification process at the beginning of 2017. Academic Year 2016-17 graduates need to follow the new process. Following a graduate’s confer date the Office of Partnerships and Placements will electronically verify each graduate’s credentials.

Please know that the first step in receiving certification is having a confer date on a graduate’s transcript. Confer dates for Academic Year 2016-17 are January 15, 2017, May 13, 2017, and August 15, 2017.

* Please note: Graduates must have a conferred degree (completed transcript after graduation) prior to submitting certification application materials to RIDE.

Once verified by the Office of Partnerships and Placements, the graduate will receive an email from RIDE through the graduate’s RIC email address. If a graduate has a confer date of May 13, 2017, please look for RIDE’s email beginning May 18, 2017. The graduate may then complete the RIDE certification application and submit payment. Typically, graduates will receive information from RIDE approximately one week after their conferred degree date.

Please do not try to begin the process early as it will delay your certification(s).

RIC graduates from years prior to Academic Year 2016-17, should follow instructions on RIDE’s website.

Out of State Teacher Certification - How to Apply

To apply to Massachusetts or Connecticut, use their forms. Complete the form, save to your computer and email to Joan Ford at Forms are verified and signed through the Office of Partnerships and Placements and through the Dean’s Office and then sent to the Records Office for the official college seal. Records sends the form directly to the requested state department of education and mails a copy to you.

Contact Information:

Director of Partnerships and Placements
Joan Ford

Page last updated: March 31, 2017