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Teacher Candidates

Preparing to Student Teach Meetings – Mandatory Meeting

All teacher candidates must attend a Preparing to Student Teach meeting two semesters before student teaching. A Preparing to Student Teach meeting addresses the application process for student teaching, requirements and deadlines, and the policies and expectations as they relate to student teaching.

Preparing to Student Teach – Mandatory Meeting Schedule​

Candidates Planning to Student Teach in Spring 2021

Dates: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 or Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Time: 12:15 – 1:15 p.m.
Location: Alger Hall, Room 110

Student Teaching Requirements and Due Dates for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

Teacher candidates have several requirements to complete prior to student teaching. Some are for the Office of Partnerships and Placements and others are for individual departments/programs. All requirements must meet the due dates, if a teacher candidate is to be approved for student teaching. Student teaching placements will not be secured for candidates who have not fulfilled all of the requirements by the specified deadlines. Please note that some programs require Praxis scores prior to Practicum. Students must submit by the earlier date.

Office of Partnerships & Placements Requirements

Requirements Where to turn in Due Dates
(if teaching in spring '21)
Due Dates
(if teaching in fall '20)
Student Teaching Application MyRIC February 16 - March 31, 2020 No later than November 29, 2019
Valid BCI results​
PDF only
August 17 - 31, 2020 February 1-15, 2020
Community service requirement Chalk and Wire
email instructions will be sent
August 31, 2020
Survey will open August 1, 2020
February 28, 2020
Survey will open February 1, 2020

Praxis Tests and Scores
Praxis General Information
Praxis Policy and Appeal for Extension

September 4, 2020

Submit Praxis Extension Appeal Requests
Week of August 31 - September 4, 2020 only
March 8, 2020
Submit Praxis Extension Appeal Requests
Week of March 3 – March 8, 2020 only

Diverse Field Experience Survey Chalk and Wire
email instructions will be sent
August 31, 2020
Survey will open August 1, 2020
February 28, 2020
Survey will open February 1, 2020

Student teaching permit for RIDE email instructions will be sent November 2020
July 2020
BCI – update (if needed)​
PDF only
N/A​​ N/A

Department & Program Requirements

Please check with your Advisor for additional requirements for student teaching.

Student Teaching Application

  • Before you can apply to student teach, you must be Admitted to FSEHD, and have met prerequisites for practicum courses. Check your transcript to be sure that your education program appears and that it does not say, "IM".
  • Attend a Preparing to Student Teach meeting. Attendance is taken and student or photo id must be presented. If you do not attend, your placement may be delayed for a semester.
  • Apply to Student Teach.Outside LinkApply online by the deadline provided in the student teaching requirement grid. The application deadline is firm. Extensions will only be granted in emergency situations and for a limited time. Contact the Office of Partnerships and Placements,

Steps to Apply to Student Teach Online

  • Log into MyRIC and click on “FSEHD APPL Student Teach”
  • Complete the form. You will be asked to request a placement. Please know that you cannot be placed in a district where you were employed, where you attended school as a student, or where you have close family members attending school or working. Applicants should talk with program advisors before requesting placements. We do not guarantee placement in your requested school or district.
  • For dual placements use the "+" option to enter your second placement request.
  • Submit your completed form!
Special Note: PK-12 programs (art, health education, music, physical education, technology) allow student teachers in either fall or spring semesters; some secondary education programs (English, mathematics, science, Spanish) only allow student teachers in the spring semester.

Student Teaching Placements

  1. It can take districts one to three months to formally approve student teaching placement requests. The Office of Partnerships and Placements will contact you when your placement is approved.
  2. Once your placement is formally approved, you will receive a placement letter emailed to your RIC email account with your teacher’s name, school, dates, and contact information. At this point, you should formally contact your cooperating teacher to inquire about details for your student teaching placement.
  3. Special note: The start date on your letter does not include professional development or open house, which typically happens before the start of the school year. If you have a fall placement, anticipate that your cooperating teacher will ask you to participate in these events several days prior to the start of the school year.

Student Teaching Policies

For a full list of policies, procedures, and expectations, see the Student Teaching Handbook.

  1. Student teachers may not be placed in a school where they have been employed, were a student, or have family members working.
  2. Incomplete Grades on Transcripts. 1. The Office of Partnerships and Placements will not seek a student teaching placement for a student with an outstanding incomplete grade on a transcript the semester the student teacher applies. In order to be considered for a student teaching placement, grades for any incomplete course must be submitted and posted by November for spring student teaching and March for fall student teaching. Placement requests will only be made for students who have successfully earned grades in their courses with an incomplete prior to these deadlines. All program requirements must be met as well.
  3. Student Teaching Course Load Policy. The student teaching experience and the student teaching seminar are considered the culminating courses for the student teacher in the FSEHD. All program requirements, including all coursework and courses related to specialization must be fulfilled prior to the placement in a school setting as a student teacher. FSEHD faculty members expect student teachers to dedicate their full academic attention to their student teaching duties in the schools the semester they are enrolled. Consequently, student teachers are not permitted to register for any courses other than student teaching and the student teaching seminar/course.
  4. Absences. Student teachers are required to be present every day and are required to follow the school/district calendar, not the College’s schedule. The student teacher must inform the cooperating teacher, the cooperating school, and the College Supervisor if absent from the school assignment. Absences must be made up and should be kept to the absolute minimum for true emergencies. Please note: extended vacations are not emergencies.
  5. Grading is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U). The S grade cannot be assigned without successful completion of the TCWS and satisfactory OPR results. A student teacher must be successful in their first placement before moving onto the second placement. The Director in the Office of Partnerships and Placements works with grading issues and discrepancies.
  6. Substitute Teaching Policy. Student teachers may not be used as substitute teachers. If the cooperating teacher is absent for more than one-half day, a substitute must be appointed to supervise the class and the student teacher. If the cooperating teacher is absent for one-half day, the principal or designated leader is responsible for the student teacher. Student teachers may not serve as paid employees in the cooperating school during student teaching.
  7. Cooperating Teachers are the Teachers of Record. The cooperating teacher is always considered the official teacher of record. Student teachers should not be left alone with students. While student teachers are completing the Immersion phase, cooperating teachers should remain in the classroom.
  8. Social Media policy applicable to Student Teachers
    1. Do not post any pictures or videos of PK-12 students, unless explicitly authorized in writing by host district or school.
    2. Do not disclose any children’s, families’ and teachers’ names or describe them on social media.
    3. Be aware that anything you post on social media might be seen by your future employer.

Student Teacher Resources

Page last updated: August 31, 2020