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Admissions for Second Degree Applicants

The Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSEHD) offers a range of Initial Certification Programs that prepare students to teach in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. FSEHD also offers Community Programs in three departments: Early Childhood, Health and Physical Education, and Educational Studies. These programs prepare students to work in a wide array of experiences in after school programs, recreation centers, early learning centers and more.

A second-degree student follows a plan of study, created with an advisor, that includes a list of program coursework and other requirements leading up to FSEHD program admission and program completion. The admissions requirements may mirror the undergraduate admissions but there will be differences.

The admissions process will require students to submit applications in two platforms, MyRIC and Chalk and Wire.

Requirements for Admission to Feinstein School Programs​

Minimum cumulative RIC Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75

  • Once admitted to Rhode Island College your cumulative GPA is based on your RIC coursework grades.
  • If you meet all of the admissions requirements except for your RIC GPA, see conditional admission to a program​.

Meet the following FSEHD Course Requirements (if listed on your Plan of Study)
Foundations (FNED) course requirements

  • Pass FNED 101: Introduction to Teaching and Learning. This is a requirement for all incoming freshman and transfer students admitted to RIC in Fall 2019 or later.
  • Earn a grade of B- or better in FNED 246: Schooling for Social Justice FNED 346: Schooling in a Democratic Society is no longer offered but will be accepted.

Three Anchored Disposition Assessments (ADI) Faculty, Supervisor and Self assessments. These are completed in Chalk and Wire while enrolled in FNED 246/346. Course instructor will provide details. If completed in a previous semester (before Fall 2019) the FSEHD Office has access in MyRIC system and your application will be updated in the FSEHD Office. If you are a transfer student with hard copies of these forms must be submitted. Contact the Associate Dean’s Office, 401-456-8822, to receive additional information.

Rhode Island and National Background Check. Links for RI Background Check will be sent as you begin clinical experience work and observations. A National Background Check link will be sent once you’ve submitted an FSEHD application.

Program specific course requirements and curriculum. Additional program requirements​ are set by each program. Your requirements will be listed on your Plan of Study.

FSEHD is in the process of updating the admissions application.

The application will be available August 1, 2020. New information and instructions will be posted in the Announcements Section of the FSEHD home page in late July.

When the admissions applications are available, you will submit applications in MyRIC and Chalk and Wire (C&W). You will also upload documents, test score reports and transcripts in C&W.

If you do not have a Chalk and Wire account, the instructions for obtaining an account will be included in the Instructions to be posted in Announcements Section.

Page last updated: July 10, 2020