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Admissions for Second Degree Applicants

The Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSEHD) offers a range of Initial Certification Programs. Initial certification is for anyone who does not yet have a certification, or RI teaching license.

Second-bachelors’ degree students follow their plans of study that include a list of program coursework and other requirements leading up to FSEHD program admissions. The admissions requirements may mirror the undergraduate admissions but there are some differences.

Requirements for Admission to Feinstein School Programs​

Minimum cumulative RIC Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75

Meet the following FSEHD Course Requirements (if listed on your Plan of Study)
Foundations (FNED) course requirements

  • Pass FNED 101: Introduction to Teaching and Learning
  • Complete FNED 346: Schooling in a Democratic Society or FNED 246: Schooling for Social Justice and earn a grade of B- or higher

Disposition Reference forms will be completed during FNED 346/246. These forms must be submitted, if you are not required to take this course, contact the Associate Dean’s Office, 401-456-8822, to receive information.

  • Faculty disposition form (completed by your professor)
  • Supervisor disposition form (completed by your supervisor in the field)
  • Self-evaluation form​ (completed by you)

Program specific course requirements and curriculum

To check the status of your FSEHD admission requirements

Log in to the MyRIC portal account and select FSEHD APPL Requirements (Other Student Links).

If a box is not checked you will be unable to apply but you will know which requirements have not been met.

When all boxes are checked you will be able to apply when the online application screen is active.

To apply go to ‘Apply For FSEHD’ (also in MyRIC), choose your major, and select SAVE.

Your application will be reviewed by the Department Chair who oversees your program then will return to the Associate Dean’s Office for a final review.

Upon admission to your program you become a Feinstein School Teacher Candidate.​​​​​

Page last updated: October 29, 2019