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Admissions for Undergraduates Applying to Initial Teacher Certification Programs

The Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSEHD) offers a range of Initial Certification Programs that prepare students to teach in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. Initial certification is for anyone who does not yet have a certification, or a RI teaching license.​

The admissions process will require students to submit applications in two platforms, MyRIC and Chalk and Wire.

Requirements for admission to FSEHD teacher certification programs.

All applications will be submitted in Chalk and Wire.

Number of earned credits

  • Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours which can include transfer credits. Contact the Admissions Office if you believe transfer credit has not been awarded.

Minimum cumulative RIC Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75

  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required for FSEHD admission.
  • If you meet all of the admissions requirements except for your RIC cumulative GPA, you may be eligible forconditional admission to a program

SAT/ ACT/ Core (basic skills tests)

  • Take and pass the basic skills tests​ (FSEHD suggests the SAT or ACT exam)
  • You may have requested your test scores be sent to RIC, but the FSEHD application requires you to upload copies of all test score reports. View: Examples of Score Reports to see what is required. If you don’t have access to your score reports, the websites at the end of this page provide information on how to access your reports.
  • Basic skills tests options and overviews for test choices, costs and additional resources.
  • If you meet all admission requirements and your basic skills test scores fall within a range of scores, see chart below, you may be eligible for  conditional admission to a program.
  • If one or all of your test scores fall within this range send your test score reports to to request enrollment in a content module (Literacy and/or Math). Earning a B or better will replace the test score requirement. Content Modules are closed for enrollment as enrollment be done in the Associate Dean’s Office.
  • Any student unable to meet the test score requirement due to testing center closings, you will be permitted to apply to FSEHD with the stipulation that you will meet the test score requirement by May 15, 2021.
  • If you took the SATs before January 2016 - use the SAT score converter to see if your scores meet current admissions requirements.
  • Examples of Score Reports

Basic skills tests score requirements for undergraduate applicants.




SAT Evidence-based R/Writing



SAT Mathematics






ACT Reading



ACT Mathematics



ACT English






Core Reading - 5712



Core Writing - 5722



Core Mathematics - 5732



Test scores may be mixed

  • If you took the SAT and need to retake the mathematics test, you may take the ACT or the Core math test.
  • If you took the SAT and need to retake the Reading/Writing test, you may take the ACT Reading and English or Core Reading and Writing tests.
  • If you took the ACT and need to retake the mathematics test, you may take the SAT or Core math test.

Writing Requirement (can be met in the following ways)

  • Earn a grade of B or better in FYW 100 or an equivalent/transfer (as determined by RIC Admissions)
  • Earn a score of 59 or better on the College Composition College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Test
  • Earn a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement (AP) Test for English Language and Composition

Mathematics Requirement - Meeting the RIC mathematics requirement satisfies the FSEHD mathematics requirement and can be done in multiple ways

  • Appropriate placement on RIC’s Mathematics Placement Exam
  • Successful completion of Math 010 or equivalent
  • Transferring in a course equivalent to Math 120
  • Transferring in a course equivalent to Math 177 or higher at RIC
  • Classic Accuplacer scores (test date prior to August 2018)
  • Arithmetic + Algebra score of at least 107 or Algebra score of at least 57

If the Classic Accuplacer was taken at another school and the minimum score requirement was met, request that the scores be sent from your previous school to​.

Foundations (FNED) course requirements

  • Pass FNED 101: Introduction to Teaching and Learning. This is a requirement for all incoming freshman and transfer students admitted to RIC in Fall 2019 or later.
  • Earn a grade of B- or better in FNED 246: Schooling for Social Justice. FNED 346: Schooling in a Democratic Society is no longer offered but will be accepted.

Three Anchored Disposition Assessments (ADI) Faculty, Supervisor and Self assessments
These are completed in Chalk and Wire while enrolled in FNED 246. Course instructor will provide details. If completed in a previous semester (before Fall 2019) the FSEHD Office has access in MyRIC system and your application will be updated in the FSEHD Office.

Rhode Island Background Check - Every FSEHD student who works with children and youth must request a new background check each year. The background checks will be submitted through CastleBranch®. Students will receive CastleBranch notifications throughout their time at RIC.

Program specific course requirementsEach program​ has additional coursework and GPA requirements.

  • Contact the appropriate department to connect with your FSEHD teacher education advisor.​​​

FSEHD is in the process of updating the admissions application.

If you no longer have score reports, choose the appropriate link to learn how to access them. Refer to the score report link for examples of what you will need.

Each semester new applications dates and instructions for using Chalk and Wire will be posted on the FSEHD home page – Announcements Section.

Page last updated: November 16, 2020