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Pathway for initial teacher certification at RIC
Assessments that improve completer readiness

The following table provides an overview of the teacher preparation programs’ assessments in the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSEHD) at Rhode Island College. Each assessment is linked to a description of the assessment and aggregated results of those assessments as available. Their intellectual and dispositional readiness are determined by the entry criteria and they grow in the programs curricula to meet their goals, with both theoretical, coursework exercises and practical application in the classroom with readiness for student teaching being measured by the Praxis examination.

Our teacher candidates (TCs) are observed multiple times, both in practicum and in their student teaching experiences and receive mentoring from their College Supervisor (CS) and Cooperating Teacher (CT). Upon program completion, FSEHD receives input about their program and the student teaching experience to identify areas for improvement. Finally, after they enter the teaching profession, the School obtains information from both our completers and their supervisors about their preparation and impact on students. That data is used for program improvement to improve completers’ effectiveness.

Reports on the perceptions of the stakeholders of Initial certification programs and learning activities can be found at​​

Reports on the perceptions of the stakeholders of Advanced programs and learning activities can be found at

​​Teacher Prep. Phase
(RIDE, CAEP Standards)
​Program Entry: academic proficiencies Preparing to teach: formative stage​ Student Teaching: Evaluation and evolution​ ​Program Completion: reflections on preparation Post-Degree: views and impact​
​​SAT/ ACT/ CORE (3,3) X
​​Credits earned (3,3) X
​​FSEHD course requirements (3,3)​ X
​​GPA (1,1: 3,3)​ ​X X ​X X
Program specific requirements and curriculum (1,1) ​X X ​​X
Dispositions​ ​X X X
Community Service (2,2) ​X X
Field work, diversity (2,2) ​X ​X X
Practicum (RI-ICEE elements) (1,1) ​X
Teacher Candidate Work Sample (TCWS (1,1)) X
Praxis (1,1)​ ​X
Student survey of TC effectiveness X ​X
TCWS (1,1) X
Student teaching (RI-ICEE) (1,1)​ ​X
TC site Evaluation (2,2) X
CT Evaluation (2,2) X​
CS Evaluation (2,2) X
TC program evaluation at exit (4,4)​ X
RIDE Educator Effectiveness data (4,4) ​X
Employer surveys (4,4) ​X
Alumni surveys (4.4)​ ​​X

X= completed; P= preparing to complete​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Summary Results Found HERE​.​


Page last updated: December 05, 2019