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Vision, Mission, and Outcomes


FSEHD will be the institution of choice for education and human service professionals seeking to make a significant impact in the lives of Rhode Islanders and beyond. We will be an essential partner in educational and community improvement in the region.


The mission of the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSEHD) is to​​​​

  • Prepare education and human service professionals to be highly effective, reflective, engaged, and deeply committed to the values of equity, diversity, and social advocacy;​
  • Provide expertise in educational policy, research, and professional development to schools, agencies, and communities.


FSEHD graduates are committed to meeting the mission and vision of our school. To this end they:

  • demonstrate current expertise in their discipline;
  • integrate ongoing research in their professional settings, resulting in innovative and culturally responsive practices;
  • engage in ongoing development of critical reflection skills in themselves and their constituents;
  • use professional standards and ethical frameworks to inform decision making;
  • collaborate with and advocate for all stakeholders, including students, clients, families and colleagues;
  • exercise agency in the context of their professional communities.

Page last updated: February 14, 2018