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Admission Requirements

Put all completed materials in one portfolio (pick up a folder in HM 108).

  1. Adobe PDFAdmission Application Form
  2. Successful completion of an Assessment of Basic Skills Test. Adobe PDFTests and required scores.
    • For students who choose to take the PPST of the Praxis I Series either the paper and pencil or computerized tests are acceptable. For more information visit
    • Request that ETS send a score report to Rhode Island College (#3724).OASIS (Craig Lee 154) schedules special services for those students who feel they need help preparing for the PPST’s.
    • Contact OASIS (456-8083) for information.
  3. Complete the Adobe PDFLetter to Request Faculty Reference; submit signed Adobe PDFFaculty Reference Form, completed by your FNED 346 professor.
  4. Complete the Adobe PDFLetter to Request Supervisor Reference, submit signed Adobe PDFSupervisor Reference Form, completed by your FNED 346 service learning supervisor.
  5. Submit of transcript(s) of all undergraduate courses from all institution(s) attended evidencing:
    • Admission to Rhode Island College.
    • Completion of at least 24 semester hours from a nationally or regional accredited college or university by the end of the semester in which the candidate applies for admission to a teacher preparation program at Rhode Island College.
    • Attainment of a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 in all college level courses taken prior to admission to a teacher preparation program. Candidates who transfer to Rhode Island College from another school must meet this requirement and provide transcripts from all schools previously attended.
    • Completion of Foundations of Education 346: Schooling in a Democratic Society with a minimum grade of B-. The minimum grade requirement applies even if an equivalent course from another institution is transferred to Rhode Island College.
    • Completion of the Rhode Island College Writing Requirement and the Rhode Island College Mathematics Requirement.
    • Successful completion of WRTG 100, with a grade of B or better. Learn how to Adobe PDFfulfill this requirement
  6. Fulfillment of all additional requirements which a department may have for admission to a particular teacher preparation program/concentration. Students should contact the appropriate department for information about these requirements and answers to questions they may have.

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Page last updated: Friday, July 8, 2011