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What Are the FYW Program Course Offerings?

Offered: Fall and Spring
Credits: 4 credits

FYW 010, Basic Writing, is a writing course designed for students who are not yet ready to take FYW 100 or FYW 100P and who may need a little more time to write as well as more individualized feedback on their writing. Students are required to meet with a Writing Center tutor at least three times over the course of the semester. Students who successfully complete FYW 010 must then enroll in FYW 100. While FYW 010 is a four-credit course, those credit hours do not count towards graduation or towards a student’s GPA. In addition, the course is graded on a Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading scale.  Enrollment is capped at 10 students.

Page last updated: May 31, 2016