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Which FYW Course Should I Take?

The FYW Program at Rhode Island College invites students to participate in Directed Self-Placement, or DSP, when enrolling in a FYW course.  DSP is a writing placement process that asks students to consider carefully their own writing abilities, their relationships to reading and writing, their expectations for writing at RIC, and their confidence in their ability to meet the demands of college- and career-level writing.  The FYW Program provides students with information and asks individuals to make a thoughtful, educated choice as to which FYW course best meets their needs.  The choice, and responsibility for that choice, rest with the student.

DSP at RIC consists of several steps, the first of which asks students to complete a brief questionnaire.  After students complete the questionnaire, they use the results of the questionnaire, along with the FYW Program-supplied course descriptions, to select a FYW course.  While the decision rests with the student, there are several opportunities to discuss that decision:

  1. Students may choose to sit for an optional Writing Placement Exam.  Those students interested in this option should contact the Writing Center at 401.456.8141.
  2. During the first week of classes, all FYW instructors in all courses will assign a brief writing sample.  If a student or instructor wishes to speak about any student’s DSP choice, this is an opportunity to do so.
  3. The Director of Writing, Becky Caouette, is always happy to work through this process with students. Feel free to contact her at or 401.456.8674. 

Students who wish to participate in Directed Self-Placement should click HERE.​

Page last updated: September 13, 2016