General Information on FUSAC/ACÉFO
The Finno-Ugric Studies Association of Canada was founded in 1983. Since then, thirteen conferences have been held, twelve of those in conjunction with the Learned Societies of Canada.

FUSAC, a Canadian scholarly organization aims to promote the advancement of all aspects of Finno-Ugric studies in Canada: anthropology, archaeology, economics, ethnic studies, folklore, history, linguistics, literature, migration, music, political science, sociology, and other disciplines.

The main objectives of the Association are:
  • to promote Finno-Ugric studies in Canada
  • to provide a regular forum for scholars to present papers on a variety of Finno-Ugric research areas
  • to initiate, maintain and extend links with Finno-Ugric scholarly associations and academic institutions in other countries
  • to provide members with regular information on relevant publications
  • to stimulate awareness of the historical past of Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian cultural groups in Canada
  • biennial conferences
  • publication of conference proceedings

Executive Committee (elected at 2014 FUSAC Conference)

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES: $40 (Canadian or US) for regular members
$30 (Canadian or U.S.) for adjunct professors
$20 (Canadian or U.S.) for students, unwaged, retirees, senior citizens
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10 July 2015
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