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​Minor in Queer Studies

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NEW MINOR – Spring 2020

Queer Studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry that examines the histories, lives, identities, experiences and struggles of queer people. Queerness is an umbrella term that is broadly used to refer to individuals and identities that are (currently) understood as culturally non-normative, especially of genders and sexualities such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, and others. Compliments a variety of majors and disciplines.

For more information - contact:  Leslie Schuster, Director, Gender and Women’s Studies or Andrea Dottolo, Professor of Psychology,

Course Requirements

TWO Required Courses

GEND 200 Gender and Society (Fall/Spring/Summer)

GEND 205 Intro to Queer Studies (Fall)

Three Electives from Courses Below

GEND 250 Topics in Feminism

FNED 246 Schooling for Social Justice (Fall, Spring, Summer)

GEND 461 Race, Class & Gender (Spring)

GEND 357 Gender & Sexuality (Fall)

ANTH 329 Queer and Trans Anthropology (Alternating Years)

FILM 352 Queer Cinema

PSYCH 356 Psychology of Gender (Fall, Spring)

PSYCH 351 Psychology of Human Diversity (Fall, Spring)

SWRK 427 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Spring, Summer)

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