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What our graduates say about Gender and Women's Studies

The program...

Women's Studies "changed me in a way I didn't imagine. I'm thankful for having experienced it and having my horizons broadened and my views challenged so I can understand why I believe what I do. That's what Women's Studies did for me – I'm a proud believer!"

"It was a wonderfully, eye-opening, empowering experience that changed my life!"

The most memorable part was "realizing that I wasn't alone in many of my experiences, but that I actually belonged to a larger whole. It helped me with confidence and speaking out in general."

"I felt the major provided me with the most well rounded educational experience, compared to all the other majors, but with the beneficial twist of examining issues from a feminist perspective."

On the classes...

"Loved them all!"

"My Women's Studies classes opened my eyes tremendously."

"WMST 200 was one of my favorite courses. [We talked about] things that until that point I had never thought were classroom material."

"I would be a WMST major all over again. It was the most positive experience I had at RIC. My Women's Studies courses I hold near and dear to my heart!!!

"I loved every class I took as a WMST major."

"The professors I had left a lasting impression. My favorite parts of class were always the open discussions and free exchange of ideas. Everyone's opinion was always welcome. It forced us all to re-evaluate the beliefs we had been socialized to hold."

"One of my courses brought to my eyes. that the media proposes something to women that is completely false and unattainable."

"I remember the intro class involving dialogue between the students and the professor. Everything we read, we discussed. It gave me a chance to understand things in the reading as well as in life."​

Page last updated: May 31, 2016