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Gender and Women's Studies Program

The main goal of Gender and Women's Studies at Rhode Island College is to discover and communicate new knowledge about women, to reexamine and reinterpret existing knowledge about women, and to synthesize and integrate this understanding into the traditional disciplines. Students gain an understanding of and respect for difference in their lives as they encounter issues of gender, age, ability, class, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, and national origin in the classroom and in their curriculum.

Why Gender and Women's Studies?

Gender and Women's Studies is a flexible, versatile degree that can be used in many careers. Students develop writing, critical thinking, research, public presentation, and leadership skills that are valuable in many fields. Graduates of Gender and Women's Studies pursue careers in teaching, writing, law, social work, business, creative arts, government, journalism, medicine, science, public advocacy and many other fields. Students often combine their interest in Gender and Women's Studies with another major, and their broad interdisciplinary background makes them attractive to employers and to graduate schools.

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Page last updated: June 28, 2017