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Odile Mattiauda

Adams Library (AL) 1B

Doctoral Candidate in Education/Women's Studies & Educational Studies Instructor

University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College

Odile Mattiauda is a doctoral candidate in Education at the University of Rhode Island and Rhode
Island College (joint program). A French native, she completed Masters Degrees (MA in English and
German & MBA in Intl. Business), in Aix-en-Provence & Marseilles (France). She is a co-founder of
the French-American School of Rhode Island. In parallel to French, Women's Studies, and Foundations
of Education, she has been teaching a comprehensive sexuality education program (grade 8) in a liberal
church school. Her qualitative research focuses on the discourse of these students: How they construct
meanings of gender and sexuality and how they enact these meanings.​

Page last updated: January 23, 2017