Maureen Reddy

General Education Task Force

The first goal of Vision 2015, Rhode Island College’s strategic plan, reads: “Foster and sustain rigorous academic programs and co-curricular activities that demonstrate intellectual engagement, cultural inquiry, and scholastic collaboration.” A key objective in that goal requires that RIC “revise the General Education program so that it has clearly stated goals and a plan for assessment, as well as a curriculum that aligns with national expectations for knowledge, skills, and abilities and reflects the college’s mission and goals.” That objective is also responsive to NEASC accreditation requirements.

The General Education Task Force began this very important process of revision in the fall of 2010 by soliciting faculty suggestions via email, drafting possible outcomes for General Education based on those suggestions, and holding three open faculty meetings to discuss the draft outcomes. In the spring of 2011, we are working on revising the outcomes and devising a structure to achieve them. We will have another round of open faculty meetings before finalizing our report and submitting it to the Committee on General Education.

Page last updated: Wednesday, September 21, 2011