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Global Studies Program / Learning Goals


  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of important contemporary global issues, such as historical processes and trends; economic and political interdependency among nations, cultural, environmental and geographic trends and interactions; global institutions and governing bodies, and non-governmental organizations.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of other historical traditions and cultures, and an objective understanding that one’s own is one of many alternate perceptions and diverse behaviors all rooted in one’s history and cultural traditions.


  1. Use diverse disciplines, frames of reference, and alternative perspectives to think critically in order to comprehend and analyze global developments from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
  2. Use the scientific techniques of diverse disciplines to conduct research, including knowledge of a second language, to extend access to information, experiences and understanding.


  1. Appreciate and respect the languages, arts, religions, philosophies and cultures of the various nations and traditions of our global community.
  2. Appreciate and tolerate the differences and ambiguities of the political, social, economic and historical, configurations of our global community.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the historical context and development of a global system.
  2. Understand the dynamics of a global system.
  3. Understand the relationship a specific global system has to the emergence of the contemporary globalizing world.
  4. Continue to develop a capacity for clear and precise writing.

Career Opportunities

  1. Academic disciplines, graduate study: Anthropology, Economics, Education, Geography, Government, International Affairs, History, Political Science.
  2. National and International non-profit agencies, US Government, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Amnesty International, and Public Policy “Think Tanks.”​​

Page last updated: March 03, 2020